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First Round of IP-X Pilot Grants Announced

The U-M’s Ann Arbor campus health science deans have selected four faculty team projects to receive the first-of-their-kind Interprofessional Exchange (IP-X) Research Stimulus pilot grants.

The awarded project teams in this first round of IP-X funding are:

The Interprofessional Exchange Research Stimulus grants support investigations focused on the health outcomes and value of interprofessional exchange in education, policy, research, care and service. The funding for IP-X Research Stimulus grants comes from the seven health science deans on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus (together comprising the Health Sciences Council) and the U-M Office of the Provost.

Each pilot project is funded up to $50,000, and all the teams include investigators from at least three U-M health science schools. The IP-X early implementation grant (for up to $250,000) project team awardees are scheduled to be announced in early 2018.

“We all believe that working interprofessionally has benefits, and the IP-X Research Stimulus is designed to test this belief,” explained Jim Dalton, dean of the U-M College of Pharmacy and current chair of the Health Sciences Council.

The deans of the Health Science Council created the IP-X Research Stimulus as a $1.5-million multi-year program, administered by Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education. Stay in touch for updates on future rounds of funding.

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