IPE Courses and Opportunities

Team-Based Clinical Decision Making

Course listed as: Dentistry 760, Health Sciences 505, Med Admin 714, Pharmacy 714, Social Work 714
Large-scale interprofessional course designed for students in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and social work. Allows students to gain understanding of how each discipline contributes to healthcare teams, the importance of effective communication, and the role of collaboration in clinical decision making. Student teams rotate through modules taught at all five schools by interdisciplinary pairs of faculty.
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Service-Learning for Health Professionals

Course listed as: Pharmacy 503, Public Health 503, Social Work 573
This service-based course explores issues of health disparities, poverty, and the medically-underserved.  It allows for students to use their knowledge of professional roles to address health care needs and perform effectively in team roles to plan and deliver patient/population-centered care.  Next offered for Winter 2017, it is open to students of all health professions.
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Motivational Interviewing

A two-part workshop series offered in February 2017 for up to eight (8) professional-level students from each U-M health science school will focus on communication with patients, families, communities, and professionals, to support a team approach for the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.
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MOOC – Understanding and Improving the U.S. Healthcare System

This MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) has enrollment limited to U-M students; it’s  offered in early January 2017, to increase students’ confidence in their understanding of the healthcare system.
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Read more about the initial offering of the course here.

“Zombie Apocalypse” Bio Preparedness Exercise

March 25, 2017, is the day for this IPE event hosted by the U-M School of Public Health. It’s a mass emergency preparedness exercise to prevent a “Zombie Apocalypse.” Learn more now, save the date, and check back in January 2017 on how to take part.

Breaking Bad News 

A fourth-year medical student Standardized Patient Interaction modified to include social work students. The learning module was updated to include the roles of both specialties, and together the students practice breaking bad news in a simulated clinical scenario.

Hamilton  Clinical Experience

Community-based interprofessional pilot rotation for dentistry and nursing students that allows students from the two health professions to gain understanding of the clinical experience through collaborative patient care.

Initial Clinical Experience (ICE)

Places medical students into clinical experience early in their career, to introduce them to the patient, healthcare team, and healthcare system. Students actively engage with various health professionals who work at that clinical site. Dentistry students are participating this year as a pilot to include other health science students.

Social Justice Grand Rounds IPE

November event unites students in social work and pharmacy, along with faculty and staff, in a collaborative effort to consider social injustice and ethical practice issues. After a case presentation, students will meet for discussion and debrief. Designed to be relevant to IPE competencies of values and ethics, the understanding of roles and responsibilities, teamwork, and communication.

Introduction to IPE

This is a brand-new learning module scheduled to be piloted in Winter 2017. Students in several of the health professions will watch an Intro to IPE video and complete an online assignment that will allow them to reflect on their own professional perspective while learning about the perspectives of their peers.

NOTE: U-M faculty who are interested in proposing a new course, clinical experience or learning module, please visit the IPE Opportunity Proposal page.