Amber Dallwig

Amber Dallwig.jpgAmber Dallwig, MSN, RN is a Clinical Instructor with the University of Michigan School of Nursing primarily in Community Health. She works with senior nursing students in the clinical community setting with vulnerable populations. Over the last four years she has worked with pharmacy and public health students in the IPE flu clinics under the Community Programs and Services department at the University of Michigan Health System. The last two years she has been the nursing facilitator for the IPE flu clinics. Additionally, she worked with pharmacy and public health students in community service learning with clinical community nursing students. Forming partnerships and understanding the roles of other professions improve the health care system and strengthen the professional roles of each student. Last year Amber and Norma Sarkar took 16 students to India to work with the Salokaya School of Nursing. Several of the students were from the LSA programs along with nursing students and the mixture was phenomenal. Amber believes very strongly that multiple professionals work together and thus should learn together. She has worked with Second Career nursing students during their Population Health and Transitions courses with multiple health and non-health backgrounds. Amber received her BSN from Mercy College of Detroit in 1982 and MSN from Wayne State University in 1994.