Josh Mergos

joshmergosJosh Mergos, MS, is a clinical assistant professor at U-M School of Kinesiology. Shortly after beginning graduate work in biomedical engineering, he became interested in the field of intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (IONM). He shadowed and trained under a team of neuromonitorists at a teaching hospital and focused his graduate studies on neurophysiology, with an emphasis on the differences between peripheral sensory and motor nerve fiber electrical excitability. After obtaining certification in the field, he continued to work as a neuromonitorist and spent time educating neurologists, neurosurgeons, and other healthcare professionals in the field of neuromonitoring. Recently at U-M, he has been developing and teaching undergraduate IONM-specific movement science classes within the School of Kinesiology, partnering with the Department of Neurology to create a formalized bachelor’s-level education program for the field of IONM. Because a major aspect of IONM is the integration of multiple streams of knowledge (including surgical anatomy, anesthesia, and neurophysiology), he has collaborated with other health disciplines to provide students with an interprofessional educational experience.