2018-19 Medicine IPL Fellows

Carrie Bell:

Carrie Bell

Carrie Bell is a general obstetrician gynecologist at U-M. She directs a non-ACGME one-year clinical fellowship in women’s health, which is open to physicians trained in family medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics/gynecology, psychiatry, and pediatrics, to advance the number of women’s-health-focused providers.  She collaborates with the Student-Run Free Clinic in Pinckney and participates in departmental quality projects and interventions. Her involvement with graduate health care education includes giving didactic sessions to medical students, student nurse practitioners, and student certified nurse midwives. And she works with a collaboration based in Ethiopia through the department of OB-GYN. She plans to use the experience as an IPE fellow to pull together current spheres of influence and have a broader impact.

Jaynee Handelsman:

Jaynee Handelsman

Jaynee Handelsman is an audiologist and director of pediatric audiology at Michigan Medicine. Her clinical and research interests include the diagnosis of hearing loss and balance disorders in children, as well as the impacts of ototoxic drugs on hearing and balance.  She finds that collaborating with various other disciplines is essential to facilitate the best patient outcomes, and sees interprofessional education (IPE) as critical to preparing learners to function in interprofessional practice (IPP) teams. She is a faculty member on the Michigan LEND program, which is an IPE-program focused on preparing trainees from various disciplines and six universities in Michigan to work with individuals with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities. She provides didactic and experiential learning opportunities for LEND trainees and mentors audiology student trainees.