Student Advisory Committee

SAC provides a vehicle to communicate student perspectives related to IPE to faculty, deans, and the health science schools.  Founded in 2018, the IPE Student Advisory committee is responsible to, and directed by, the Executive Committee (EC) of the Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education. The overarching charge of the Student Advisory committee is to increase and promote active and meaningful participation in IPE among students, with the ultimate goal of ensuring students are prepared to work in collaborative environments.

2020-21 Co-Chairs

  • SAC 101 Task Force Chair: Jia Jingqi (JJ), Dentistry
  • SAC Collaboration Co-Chair: Michaela Murphy, Social Work
  • SAC Curriculum Committee Chair: Kelly Powell, Pharmacy
  • SAC Collaboration Co-Chair & Scholarship Lead: Nikki Trupiano, Medical School

IPE Student Organizations Representatives

  • Blueprints for Pangaea: Rishita Gudeti
  • Health Policy Student Association (HPSA): Mike Michalski, Peyton Watt
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement-Open School (IHI-OS): TBD
  • Interprofessional Health Student Organization (IHSO): Virginia Ju, Chloe Koo
  • U-M Student Run Free Clinic (UMSRFC): Lexie Green, Sanaya Irani

* See the Interprofessional Student Organizations page for click-throughs to their websites.

IPE School Representatives

  • Kinesiology: Nicole Coughlin, Ishan Bhalgat
  • Nursing: Vidya Thirumoorthi, Lexie Green
  • Social Work: Sarah Abbas, Emily Torossian
  • Public Health: Kaitlyn Rau, Omar Siddiqui
  • Pharmacy: Ashton Strother
  • Dentistry: Stuart Coffey, Kelsey Dods