IPE for EveryStudent, This Semester and Next

Some ways for U-M students to work in teams to advance health!

Many interprofessional education (IPE) opportunities are built into curricula at specific touchpoints across the 10 health sciences schools on the three U-M campuses. Others are electives open and available to all interested students. And some fall somewhere in between, as options with prerequisites. Consider the opportunities below if you’re looking or unique ways to explore interprofessional education for better health outcomes in the near future.

Looking for IPE in Winter Semester? 

–Non-nursing students are needed to round out teams on “Interprofessional Team-Based Care,” a 2-credit online masters course for graduate health professional students (asynchronous, but student interprofessional teams arrange meetings that fit their schedules).

Social work students needed to register for Social Work 714 to balance Team-Based Clinical Decision Making teams.

The “Health and Disabilities” IPE elective is a 2-credit class that contributes to the creation of an interprofessional health care workforce capable of providing a person-centered approach to caring for patients who have disabilities, to improve quality of care and reduce disparities in health outcomes. 

To learn more about these and other IPE Opportunities, please peruse the often-updated  IPE courses webpage.

The Longitudinal Interprofessional Family-based Experience (LIFE):

This winter semester co-curricular educational project connects interprofessional student teams with patients who have a chronic illness. The deadline to apply was Nov. 30, 2021.

Social Justice Grand Rounds:

Fall 2021 is not the first time College of Pharmacy Assistant Dean and Clinical Professor Gundy Sweet has opened special mid-November sessions of her pharmacy ethics class to students across the health sciences at U-M. For fall 2021’s open and important discussions about health equity, four events were offered for IPE student teams.