Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education shares progress towards strategic goals

Learn more about Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education’s (C-IPE) mission, progress, scholarly work and collaboration activities in 2022.

C-IPE is making progress towards the goal of innovating and implementing interprofessional education (IPE) to improve health. As we dive into a new year, here is a look back on the progress that C-IPE has made during 2022.

C-IPE at a glance: Download a two page pdf of C-IPE’s mission, progress, scholarly work and collaboration activities in 2022.

Strategic Blueprint 

Early 2022 brought the development, revision and endorsement of a strategic blueprint to guide the next phase of C-IPE’s work. Members of the Executive Committee (EC) of the C-IPE determined that the “Next Phase” of the C-IPE must be driven by a single goal: innovating and implementing IPE at U-M to improve the quadruple aims of health. This is a shared goal among U-M’s 10 health science schools, who also share a determination to focus on building better teams. The full strategic blueprint is available here.

Strategic Progress

The C-IPE’s mission is innovating and transforming interprofessional education, collaborative practice and research to achieve the quadruple aims of health. C-IPE is advancing this mission through five interconnected goals: the core curriculum, experiential innovation, intentional measurement and research, educator development and systems-based problem solving. Efforts from the past year are highlighted below.

Core Curriculum

  • Updating IPE foundational modules, including the consolidation of introductory modules
  • Scaling the Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize-winning LIFE (Longitudinal Interprofessional Family-Based Experience)
  • Integrating anti-racist pedagogy into core offerings

Experiential Innovation:

  • Implementing three-level IPE model for clinical rotations: (1) observe, (2) analyze, (3) collaborate
  • Building relationships with clinical partners to enhance practice models
  • Building relationships with community partners to improve social determinants of health (SDH) and health equity

Intentional Measurement & Research:

  • Collaboration with Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation (IHPI) and Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT)
  • Establish current understanding through a systematic review of literature with Taubman Health Sciences Library
  • Plans towards a university-wide conference on connecting interprofessional learning with health outcomes

Educator Development:

Systems-Based Problem Solving:

  • Data visualization platform development (connecting enrollment to competencies)
  • Badging program, transcript notation 
  • Understanding faculty and student motivation and perceived value for IPE

National Conferences

C-IPE maintained a strong presence at national conferences throughout 2022. Notably, C-IPE had a record 19 presentations, the highest among any institution, at the NEXUS 2022 Summit. Other items of note include:

  • Several submissions in review to Collaborating Across Borders 2023, including a symposium on “Anti-racism and IPE” with 5 other institutions
  • National Academy of Practice 2023 – Seminar accepted on “Leading Change in IPE”
  • Partner on developing workshops for American Interprofessional Health Collaborative (AIHC) leaders on experiential IPE


C-IPE and its collaborators were recognized for their IPE work in a variety of ways during 2022. A few highlights include:

  • 1EdTech Award (Bronze Medal) for IPE Data Visualization: 1EdTech is a nonprofit collaborative advancing education technology and learning impact. The IPE Data Visualization project won bronze for their success in leveraging enterprise data systems to visualize IPE competency tracking. This enables data-informed decision making about IPE curricula, and student competency tracking like never before.
  • Provost’s Teaching Innovation Prize for LIFE: The Longitudinal Interprofessional Family-based Experience (LIFE) partners interprofessional teams of students with patients and families to dive deep into the importance of teamwork and understanding of the social determinants of health. This program is celebrated by both students and patients as an extraordinary experiential opportunity. 

Grant Collaborations

  • Collaborator on three grants in 2022
  • Lead on expansion of Data Visualization Tool of IPE curriculum across Big 10 and Unizin institutions 
  • Three IPE initiatives successfully submitted and funded by Michigan Medicine RISE (two fellows, one grant)