Collaborating Across Borders VIII showcases University of Michigan’s interprofessional education and collaborative health care to a global stage

University of Michigan faculty and Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education staff presented and authored seven presentations and two posters at the virtual conference on May 15-18, 2023.

Across the world, education and practice leaders and experts in interprofessional education (IPE) fired up their computers and adjusted their webcams as they got ready for three days of speakers, presentations and networking as part of Collaborating Across Borders VIII (CAB), which ran May 15-18, 2023. The theme of this year’s conference was Hope and Trust in Health and Social Care and included live presentations by seven teams of University of Michigan faculty and staff along with two additional poster presentations.

The first day of the conference brought energy and excitement. Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education (C-IPE) presented wellness and teamwork data that was collected  and analyzed in collaboration with the Wellness Office and Office of Patient Experience. While the team found a relationship between workforce well-being and teamwork, they discovered no significant association between teamwork and the patient experience. Subsequent exploration involved interviewing Michigan Medicine patients and found that these patients only consider physicians as part of their health care team. The discussion that followed focused on the need for patient education around who is considered part of their care team. The discussion continued through networking as participants transitioned to poster and exhibit viewings and virtual cafes.

Virtual presentation: Data-drive approach of engaging systems in advancing interprofessional education and practice

C-IPE also led a symposia presentation about advancing anti-racism through IPE. The group reviewed definitions and looked at data that highlighted the significant health disparities in populations of Black, Indigenous and people of color in both the United States and Canada. Participants were reminded that we cannot talk about anti-racism without also talking about the social determinants of health, and that highly functional collaborative interprofessional teams are key to addressing these determinants. The presenters shared information on how moving away from an individual view of anti-racism towards an institutional view that includes interprofessional teams helps build trust and includes a wider range of patients. They shared how anti-racist practices can be strengthened through better representation in admissions and leadership. While this topic continues to evolve, C-IPE and the University of Michigan continue to lead and offer support towards more equitable health care.

Additional faculty presentations occurred throughout the conference, covering topics in interprofessional education ranging from community based classes; faculty recruitment, engagement and retention; and data visualization. The full list of presentations that included a University of Michigan presenter or author are listed below.

“CAB VIII was an extraordinary meeting with wonderful interactions among colleagues from across the world. Health equity and DEI efforts within education were underpinnings for the entire conference, and appropriately so. I am proud that U-M was prominent at this meeting and excited for collaborations with our global IPE partners to continue to flourish.” 

Collaborating Across Borders VIII list of presentations:

MoveMore: interprofessional collaboration in a community based walking class for people with chronic stroke (oral presentation)
Presenters: Amy Yorke, Leslie Smith, UM-Flint College of Health Sciences
Additional authors: Suzanne Trojanowski, UM-Flint College of Health Sciences and Megan Keiser, UM-Flint School of Nursing

Data-driven approach of engaging systems in advancing interprofessional education and practice (oral presentation)
Presenters: Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, Vani Patterson, C-IPE
Additional authors: Vinoothna Bavireddy, C-IPE; Matthew Jerome, Sandy Goel, Shelagh Saenz, Michigan Medicine Wellness Office; Kate Balzer, Devin Lippert, Michigan Medicine Office of Patient Experience and Mike Scheuber, Michigan Medicine Experience Analytics and Insights

Investing in hope and sustaining IPE: expanding interprofessional leadership capacity through mentoring (oral presentation)
Additional author: Frank Ascione, C-IPE

Innovations in IPE faculty recruitment, engagement and retention (oral presentation)
Presenter: Laura Smith, UM-Flint College of Health Sciences
Additional authors: Debra Mattison, School of Social Work and Thomas Bishop, Medical School

The team that “teams” together, stays together: balancing transactional and relational teamwork (oral presentation)
Presenter: Thomas Bishop, Medical School
Additional Authors: Debra Mattison, School of Social Work; Laura Smith, UM-Flint College of Health Sciences

Advancing anti-racism through IPE (symposia)
Presenters: Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, Vani Patterson, C-IPE; Todd Ester, School of Dentistry; additional experts, outside U-M

An innovative IPE curriculum visualization system simplified
Presenters: Mark Fitzgerald, School of Dentistry; Vani Patterson, C-IPE; Melissa Gross, School of Kinesiology; Daniel Fischer, School of Social Work
Additional author: Burgunda Sweet, College of Pharmacy


Using interprofessional education as a tool for understanding roles and responsibilities of radiation therapist and physical therapist in the care of patients with breast cancer 
Leslie Smith, Julie Hollenbeck

The impact of course design, gender, and academic level on student responses to an introductory IPE experience 
Chamipa Phanudulkitti, Debra Mattison, Vinoothna Bavireddy, Melissa Gross