Cohort 6 IPL Fellows Bios

Cohort 6 Fellows

Marcia Campos,
School of Dentistry clinical associate professor and oral pathologist. Served as the IPE representative of the College of Dentistry at University of Iowa; taught courses related to IPE and patient-centered care. Recent research focus has shifted to IPE and cariology fields, with intent to help advance learning in dentistry, stimulate interprofessional collaborative practices and patient-centered care approaches, and improve interaction in clinical settings.

Clifford Craig, Medical School associate professor orthopaedic surgery. Served as chief of orthopaedic surgery at a rehabilitation hospital in southeast Massachusetts, working with social work, physical and occupational therapy, and orthotist, greatly expanding the clinic, and eventually transferring it to an outpatient area of local community hospital. On returning to U-M pediatric division of orthopaedics, continued to work closely with physical and occupational therapy and social services, given the chronic diagnoses of the majority of patient population.

Pricilla Hohmann,
Medical School doctoring program manager. Previously directed Michigan Community Health Worker Alliance, overseeing curriculum development. Also managed medical student IPE experiences (curriculum development, new partnerships, student assessment and program evaluations). 

Rosalva Osorio, School of Social Work field faculty and lecturer. Worked in non-profit organizations in the Detroit area, including children’s initiatives with Detroit-Wayne Integrated Health Network, clinical director at The Children’s Center, program supervisor at Southwest Counseling Solutions, board involvement with the Michigan Association of Infant Mental Health, juvenile justice and infant mental health specialist. Social work practice areas include trauma-informed care, infant mental health, leadership and management.

Hanna Phan, College of Pharmacy clinical associate professor and clinical pharmacist specialist in ambulatory care at Michigan Medicine C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital. Provides care for cystic fibrosis as part of the interprofessional care team for U-M Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Center. Research interests include patient and caregiver medication education, adherence, and interprofessional care models for pediatric chronic disease management. Interprofessional collaboration, training, assessment, and quality improvement initiatives are also major interests.

Vitaliy Popov, Medical School assistant professor of learning health sciences, with background in team cognition and learning analytics. Emergent research focuses on a patient-centered strategy on the management of chronic diseases in which Shared Decision-Making (SDM) may be incorporated. Seeks to understand the mechanisms that underpin the interactive process among the patient/family–clinician/clinical interprofessional team who negotiate and collectively make treatment choices. Also would like to work on designing learning activities for health professionals to understand how multiple health workers from different professional backgrounds can better work in teams.

Nicole Smith, School of Nursing faculty instructor with 14+ years of nursing experience ranging from long-term, acute, and sub-acute care, hospice, home health, leadership, and management. Also part of the U-M Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (IHPI) workforce diversity group, which has discussed topics including the need for interprofessional education (and medical marijuana and its integration into health care professional education, an area of previous research). Serves as clinical instructor for the School of Nursing community health course, assisting in building modules for the community health nursing therapies course. Also still practicing with Ohioans Home Health Care to provide nursing care to patients in their homes.

Jan Stegemann, professor and associate chair for the Master’s Programs in Biomedical Engineering (BME), a joint department between Michigan Medicine and the College of Engineering, overseeing the graduate curriculum in BME and working with faculty and students to improve education and training. Also teaches a full-year, graduate-level course on the broader context of medical product development. Current research focuses on biomaterials for applications in cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine. Is interested in projects that would promote interactions of biomedical engineering students with other health professions.

Meghan Thiel,
clinical social worker at Michigan Medicine with experience in palliative care, intensive care, and emergency department settings. Also works as an education lead for the social work internship program. Has facilitated various IPE experiences and co-developed “Museum-Based Education for Interprofessional Learners.” Recently completed a project in working with a team to standardize interprofessional learning; reduce burden of clinical learning for staff and faculty members; and develop an evaluative tool based on the IPEC Core Competencies. Currently PI for a research project exploring longitudinal learning of interprofessional learners, utilizing that same evaluative tool and teamwork skills to improve patient safety.

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