IP-X Questions and Answers

See below for clarifications and answers to frequently asked questions about the IP-X Research Stimulus grant program at the University of Michigan.

Q: When the materials state that the principle investigators must be from a U-M health science school, does this refer to the PI’s administrative home, or the tenured home?
A: Definition of faculty eligibility for the IP-X Research Stimulus is the location of the tenured or non-tenured home of the individual, especially in those cases where the administrative home is listed outside a school or college (e.g., institutes, centers or the health system).

Q: Which types (or classifications) of faculty are eligible to apply?
A: All faculty are eligible. Note: grant applicants must secure Dean/Director/Chair level approval for their submission.

Q: If information about this funding is coming from the Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education, does that mean education should be the focus of grant applications?
A: The Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education is administering the IP-X Research Stimulus for the health science school deans. The stimulus is designed to support research on determining the ability of interprofessional education (IPE), interprofessional policy (IPP), interprofessional research (IPR), and interprofessional care & service (IPCS) to improve health outcomes and value…. tied to translational efforts in the delivery of clinical care, management of population health and prevention of disease.

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