IPE Co-Curricular Activities

The Student-Run Free Clinic and Innovation in Action competition offer two hands-on IPE opportunities. Learn more about these co-curricular activities here:

Innovation in Action: Solutions to Big Challenges

This competition harnesses the talents of Michigan students to address challenging problems. Within this framework, the program equips students from a wide range of disciplines with an innovator’s toolkit in a supportive environment where they combine these skills with their creativity and passion to impact the public’s health. Learn more about the 2022 competition (which kicks off in January) at: http://sph.umich.edu/iia

U-M Student-Run Free Clinic (UMSRFC)

Dedicated to providing quality healthcare free of charge to uninsured community members, while creating opportunities for U-M students and physicians to confront health disparities through direct action. Students and faculty have worked to expand patient services and community programs to incorporate students from other health disciplines, including advanced practice nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and public health students. Learn more at https://www.umstudentrunfreeclinic.org 

Michigan Journal of Medicine

Student-led forum to bring high-quality scientific and clinical research generated by the members of University of Michigan to the scientific community at large, now accepting submissions on a rolling basis from U-M health professional  students. http://www.michjmed.org