Why Introduction to IPE is getting a much needed makeover for fall 2023

Introduction to Interprofessional Education (IPE) will incorporate all five IPE competencies in an updated module debuting this fall, targeting early learners across all health science schools at all three U-M campuses.

Students who participate in the Introduction to IPE module this fall will be experiencing a brand new version of this foundational IPE activity.

The Introduction to IPE module introduces students to the current health care landscape through the perspectives of patients and families, faculty and peer student leaders. The module integrates introductory learning on the importance of interprofessional education and collaboration, exposing students to the five IPE competencies. This is the first activity students do that is related to IPE, setting a foundation for learning about collaborative health care that will shape them on their journey to becoming health care providers. Approximately 1,600 learners across the health science schools participate each year.

Last updated in 2018, the previous iteration of Introduction to IPE focused on two of the five IPE competencies — roles/responsibilities and values/ethics. A third competency, teams and teamwork, was introduced through a separate foundational module. The purpose of the introductory module was to provide the same baseline IPE content for students across disciplines, preparing them for future IPE activities within their curriculum. As the IPE Curriculum Committee began mapping each program’s IPE curriculum, it became apparent that there was a very obvious gap in introductory level competencies that weren’t covered in the Introduction to IPE. They charged the Core Curriculum Workgroup to make the necessary updates.

Students taking the module this fall will be introduced to why IPE is necessary and the quadruple aims of health before exploring each IPE competency in more detail. Students will participate in case studies, watch videos modeling both successful and unsuccessful teams and hear from faculty across the university sharing their perspectives on IPE and team-based care. It also includes a commentary from Center for IPE Director Rajesh Mangrulkar, imploring students to see their role as just one within the orchestra that is health care. 

 Center for IPE Director Rajesh Mangrulkar, M.D. shares his perspectives with students taking Introduction to IPE. Here is a sample of the video students will watch in the module.

The team behind these updates, which includes faculty, staff and students, is optimistic that these changes will provide a strong introduction to the current health care landscape.

“We were very intentional about bringing the student voice into this process,” shared Hannah Edwards, curriculum administrative specialist for the Center for IPE. “Students have been involved every step of the way, looking at content, developing it and making it enjoyable and appropriate for their peer learners.” 

Student Advisory Council (SAC) co-chairs participated in a discussion that will be used during the Introduction to IPE module.

Led by Drs. Danielle Rulli (Dentistry) and Olivia Anderson (Public Health), the new Introduction to Interprofessional Education runs September 11-October 8, 2023 and is offered in the fall, winter and spring/summer semesters.