IPE Competencies at U-M

5 Core Competencies[1]


  1. Values/Ethics: Work with individuals of other professions to maintain a climate of mutual respect and shared values.
  2. Roles/Responsibilities: Use the knowledge of one’s own role and those of other professions to appropriately assess and address the healthcare needs of patients and to promote and advance the health of populations.
  3. Interprofessional Communication: Communicate with patients, families, communities, and professionals in health and other fields in a responsive and responsible manner that supports a team approach to the promotion and maintenance of health and the prevention and treatment of disease.
  4. Teams/Teamwork: Apply relationship-building values and the principles of team dynamics to perform effectively in different team roles to plan, deliver, and evaluate patient/population-centered care and population health programs and policies that are safe, timely, efficient, effective, and equitable.
  5. Intercultural Intelligence: Understand the role of values and culture in driving decisions and demonstrate the appropriate flexibility necessary in working with others having different values.
  • A mindset (Knowledge): Including cultural self-awareness, general cultural knowledge that can be applied to many cross-cultural situations, cultural knowledge that is applied to specific cross-cultural situations, interaction analysis, awareness of major currents of global change and related issues, and awareness of global organizations and business activities
  • A skillset (Skills): Including relationship-building skills, behavioral skills, listening, problem solving, empathy, information gathering skills, ability to work effectively in different international settings, and ability to effectively communicate across cultural/linguistic boundaries.
  • A heartset (Attitudes): Including curiosity, cognitive flexibility, motivation, open-mindedness, and personal adaptability to different cultures.
[1] Competencies 1-4 are based on the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, 2016 Update.