Fourth Cohort of Interprofessional Leadership Fellows at U-M Named

The 2019-2020 cohort includes faculty from health science schools across the U-M campuses, representing shared support of collaboration in health education and practice.

UPDATE: Cohort 4 Fellows Project Descriptions:

  • Team Joy is planning a mindfulness and health professional resilience educational activity for a group of U-M learners, as well as resources to incorporate mindfulness in health for professional/student activities.
  • Team Recovery is focused on facilitation for health professions students to develop communication strategies to use with each other. The strategies will be applied to an interaction with a patient who is opioid naive.
  • Agents 4 Safety is using an online module and a web-based video role-play activity to teach health professions students about communication regarding a patient safety issue. One purpose is to determine if the intervention improves students’ efficacy and confidence and decreases their fear related to interprofessional communication.
  • Chronic Crusaders are placing participants in an experiential program for improvements in understanding of each others’ roles and confidence in working together on a problem: chronic illness related to excessive heat.

About Cohort 4 IPL Fellows:

These University of Michigan Interprofessional Leadership (IPL) Fellows come from one-time siloed but increasingly connected health professions. The 15 educators entering the 18-month IPL Fellows program will participate in a campus-based interprofessional learning community facilitated by the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT), as well as an internationally acclaimed interprofessional training brought to Ann Arbor just for them. (See list of new fellows below, and read their short bios.)

The new fellows will add to the accomplishments of 52 preceding IPL faculty fellows (15 in the first cohort, 17 in the second cohort, and 20 in the third cohort, respectively), who have launched more than a dozen multidisciplinary team projects to date. Their projects and the network they represent have resulted in several new interprofessional courses, publications, and awards

In a first for the program this year, the new-for-2019 IPL Fellows will participate in a customized version of the University of Toronto Centre for IPE’s three-day interprofessional training program. Known as “EHPIC,” it is officially called “Educating Health Professionals in Interprofessional Care: Advancing the Future of Healthcare through Interprofessional Learning (ehpic™).” The well-established program trains participants in knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors to lead interprofessional education and practice initiatives, in both their organization and across the partnership with academia and practice.

“I am very pleased to welcome our fourth cohort of IPL fellows,” said Frank Ascione, director of the Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education. “They join the growing number of U-M faculty members capable of leading and  implementing interprofessional education and practice on campus and beyond. Our university is investing in faculty champions for IPE, providing this opportunity that is unique among IPE programs nationwide.”

The new fellows represent the U-M schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, public health, and social work, as well as U-M Flint’s School of Nursing and College of Health Sciences. Among other activities, the fellows participate annually at U-M Health Professions Education Day, next scheduled for April 2, 2019.

The IPL Fellows program was founded in 2016 and is funded by the Michigan Center for Interprofessional Education with support from the provost’s Transforming Learning for the Third Century Initiative and the deans of the seven health science schools located in Ann Arbor: School of Dentistry, School of Kinesiology, Medical School, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Public Health, and School of Social Work.

IPL Fellows Cohort 4, 2019-2020

School of Dentistry: Diane Hoelscher
Medical School:  Emily Foxen-Craft, Erika Manu, Jacqueline Ragheb, Eric Scott
School of Nursing: Karen Keune
School of Public Health: Chuanwu Xi
School of Social Work: Joshua Brewster, Daicia Price, Anao Zhang
University of Michigan, Flint: Nicholas Prush, Michelle Sahli, and Suzanne Trojanowski (Health Sciences); Denise Campbell and Carmen Stokes (Nursing)

Learn more about the newest cohort of IPL Fellows via their short bios….