Scholarly Publications and Presentations

Selected IPE Publications from U-M Teams:

Thiel M, Harden K, Brazier LJ, Marks AD, Smith MA. Evaluation Tools for Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Learning Experiences: A Literature Review. Journal of Palliative Medicine

Sweet BV, Fischer, DJ, Khang EM. Incorporating grand rounds into an existing pharmacy ethics course: An interprofessional education opportunity. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 2019;17.

Mahshid A, Hammond S,  Iovan S, Lantz PM. Why more evidence is needed on the effectiveness of screening for social needs among high-use patients in acute care settings, Health Affairs Blog, May 2019. DOI: 10.1377/hblog20190520.243444

Ascione FJ, Sick B, Karpa K, McAuley J, Nickol DR, Weber ZA, Pfeifle AL. The Big Ten IPE Academic Alliance: A regional approach to developing interprofessional education and practiceJournal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 2019;15:9-14.

Ascione FJ. Preparing pharmacists for collaborative/integrated health settings
Pharmacy. 2019;7(2):47.

Anderson O, Dubin L,  Hisamatsu R, Mergos J, Vordenberg S. An asynchronous, interprofessional teams and teamwork experience for the first-exposure learner. Journal of Interprofessional Education & Practice. 2019;14:47-52

Munz SM, Helman JI, Tiner MK, Hart AL. Recurrent oral squamous cell carcinoma-incorporating advance care planning in education and practice. Special Care in Dentistry. 2019;39(2):246-251.

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Smith LM, Keiser M, Turkelson C, Yorke A, Sachs B, Berg K. Simulated Interprofessional education discharge planning meeting to improve skills necessary for effective interprofessional practice.  Professional Case Management 23: 75-83, 2018

Costa DK, Valley TS, Miller MA, et al.  ICU team composition and its association with ABCDE implementation in a quality collaborative. Journal of Critical Care. 44:1-6, 2018.

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Puelle M, Wiggins J, Khateeb R, Firn J, Saul D, Chang R. Interprofessional intervention to improve geriatric consultation timing on an acute medical service. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2018;66(12):2372-2376.

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Gruppen L, Irby DM, Durning S, Maggio L. Interventions designed to improve the learning environment in the health professions: A scoping review. In: Improving Environments for Learning in the Health Professions. Proceedings of a Conference Chaired by David M. Irby. Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation. New York, NY, 2018.

Dallwig A, Smith L, House J , Farris K, Daniels T: The Impact of Interprofessional Education in a Community Setting on Student Learning and Attitudes: A Pilot Study. Learning Together at the Nexus: Provocative Ideas for Practical IPE, Minneapolis, MN, Poster, Aug 2017.

House JB, DeVries K, Sufansky S, Fischer D: Interprofessional Education: Social Work and Medical Students Working Together. 17th International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare, Orlando, FL, January 2017. Poster.

House JB, Santen SA, Haque F, Sullivan AD, Purkiss JA, Ross PT.  Assessment Variation of Medical Students in the Initial Clinical Experience. Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research Conference (MIPERC), Grand Rapids, MI. September 2016. Podium Presentation.

House JB, Cedarbaum J, Haque F, Sullivan AD, Daniel M.  The Initial Clinical Experience (ICE): A Novel Approach to Interprofessional Education through Early Immersion in Healthcare Teams. Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education and Research Conference (MIPERC), Grand Rapids, MI. September 2016. Podium Presentation. (Barcelona, Spain. August 2016. Poster; Seattle, WA. August 2016. Oral presentation).

House JB, Lawson L, Wamsley MA, Rivera J, Gonzalo JD.  Early Exposure to Clinical Care and Interprofessional Practice, Learn Serve Lead. The 2016 AAMC Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. August 2016. Poster.

House JB, Santen S, Haque F, Sullivan AD, Purkiss JA, Ross PT. Assessment Variation of Medical Students in their Initial Clinical Experience, Learn Serve Lead. The 2016 AAMC Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA. August 2016. Oral presentation.

Dow A, Lanning S, Earnest M, Sweet BV.  Going Big: Integrating Interprofessional Curriculum Across Programs on Large Campuses.  Collaborating Across Borders Conference.  Roanoke, VA. October 1, 2015. Panel.

House JB, Lypson M, Murdoch-Kinch C, Tingen J.  Interprofessional Faculty Development for Patient-Centered Communication Skills in Health Sciences, Collaborating Across Borders V. Roanoke, VA. September 29, 2015.

Sweet BV, Fitzgerald M, House JB, Pardee M, Mattison D.  Team-based Decision Making: Lessons Learned from Implementing a Large-Scale IPE Course.  Midwest Interprofessional Practice, Education, and Research Center Conference.  Grand Rapids, MI.  September 17, 2015. Podium.

House JB, Sweet BV, Mueller BA, Fitzgerald M, Zebrack B, Pardee M.  Issues Discovered When Developing an Interprofessional Education Course.  Association of Medical Education in Europe Conference. Glasgow, UK. September 4-9, 2015. Poster.

Sweet BV, Mason NA, Madeo A, Mueller, BA.  New construction vs renovation: two approaches to implementing interprofessional Education Curricula.  American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting. National Harbor, MD. July 12, 2015. Poster.

Sweet BV, Mueller BA.  Using Interdisciplinary Teams to Teach Collaborative Decision Making in Clinical Care.  University of Michigan Decision Consortium Conference.  Ann Arbor, MI. May 28, 2015.

Ascione F.  Creating an IPE Decision Making Course at the University of Michigan: Lessons Learned.  Third Annual Emswiller Interprofessional Symposium. Richmond, VA. April 25, 2015.

Murdoch-Kinch C, Lypson M, Ross P, Purkiss J, Buckler S, Tingen J, House JB, Inglehart M, Habil P, Liu M, Bostwick J, Fitzgerald M.  Interprofessional Faculty Development: Train the Trainer for 1 Patient-Centered Communication.  ADEA Annual Session and Exhibition. Boston, MA. March 2015. Poster

House JB, Westergaard M.  What They Didn’t Teach Us in Medical School, But we Need to Teach (Interprofessional Education). Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine Academic Assembly. New Orleans, LA. April 2014.